Opening statement 8 January 2018


Take Notice – The Tribunal commenced public hearings today Monday 8 January 2018 in respect of term of Reference (e) “to investigate whether the false allegations of sexual abuse or any other unjustified grounds were inappropriately relied upon by Commissioner O’Sullivan to discredit Sergeant Maurice McCabe at the Commission of Investigation into Certain Matters in the Cavan/Monaghan district under the Chairmanship of Mr. Kevin O’Higgins,” and term of reference (h) “to investigate contacts between members of An Garda Siochana and:


Media and broadcasting personnel,
Members of the Government,
Health Service Executive,
And any other State entities,
Or any other relevant person as the Sole member may deem necessary to carry out his work.


The tribunal will not be sitting on Tuesday 9, Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 January 2018. The tribunal will recommence public hearings in respect of terms of reference (e) and (h) on Friday 12 January 2018.


The schedule of witnesses to be called is as follows:


Friday 12 January

Noel Waters

Ken Ruane

Annmarie Ryan


Monday 15 January

Annmarie Ryan (continued)

Chief Superintendent Fergus Healy

Inspector Michael MacNamara


Tuesday 16 January

Not Sitting


Wednesday 17 January

Former Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan

Michael Dreelan

Richard Barrett

Michael Flahive


Thursday 18 January

Michael Flahive (continued)

John Barrett


Friday 19 January (to be continued)

Colm Smyth, S.C.

Gareth Byrne, Barrister at Law

Michael MacNamee, Barrister at Law


Monday 22 January

Michael MacNamee, Barrister at Law (continued)

Ken O’Leary


Tuesday 23 January

Christopher Quattrociocchi

Former Minister for Justice and Equality Frances Fitzgerald


Wednesday 24 January

William Lavelle

Fiona O’Sullivan

Paula Monks

Bernadette Phelan

Dale Sunderland

Denis Griffin

Martin Power


Thursday 25 January

Sergeant Maurice McCabe